Jul 262007

One might think that lurkers who want to be “friends” (that’s online “friendship”, rather than anything of the same name traditionally associated with giving a flying one about anybody other than yourself) would be content to solicit complete strangers for attention on the consistently gauche Myspace – but it seems that the urge to boast in excess of 10,000 “friends” can be seen in action every bit as much on rival networking sites. What kind of person would send a “friends request” to complete strangers and unknown bands the instant they set foot (that is, register an account – without even having had the chance to provide any information at all!) in the “community”? Perhaps it’s the same sort of person that indiscriminately sends out requests for “record deals” to organisations that have already made it plain that they don’t – that is, self-absorbed nincompoops? Or maybe not. Maybe they’re just being friendly.

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