Feb 292008

It’s that riff again…. It goes something like this:

G2 D2 A1# C2 G1



That’s near enough.

Further to the previous weblog entry on this subject, I’ve just noticed the same riff at the very end of Tangerine Dream’s ‘Ultima Thule Part 2’, from 1971 – which means that they did, after all, come up with it ahead of the competition, it would seem. Of course, it doesn’t really matter, and there may well be earlier examples. Either way, it’s always good to hear Tangerine Dream’s music from this period, if you have any taste at all for space rock

By the way, ‘Ultima Thule’ – parts 1 and 2 – complements the better known releases Alpha Centauri and Atem from the same period in a very interesting way, adding more rock energy that is due not least to Chris Franke’s drumming. It’s easy to forget that he didn’t start off flipping switches on sequencers and playing Moog modular synthesisers!

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