Jul 092008

It’s almost time again for the annual Supersonic music festival in Birmingham. The number of bands playing is formidable – indeed it’s a daunting prospect for those of us who are used to fitting music into our lives where and when we can, rather than making large blocks of time to go and listen to it. One highlight is the reappearance of Harmonia, which the festival describes quite reasonably as “legendary krautrock pioneers” (they lose points for using that wanky Wire word “motorik” though – just stop using it, especially in italics, everyone). If you didn’t know, Harmonia was active in the 1970s and combined Moebius and Roedelius of Cluster with guitarist Michael Rother (of Neu! etc. You know all about Cluster of course. Don’t you. Well, you should.

But there will of course many other outfits performing and you can find out more on theSupersonic site.

See, we’re overexcited and exhausted already.

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