Jul 282008

“I’ve finished the installer!”

“Oh great”.

“Except – I’m not sure which is correct: should I say “Installation completed successfully” or “Install succeeded”?

“‘Install’ is a verb, isn’t it?”

“What’s a verb?”

“Oh, never mind. Look, why not spell it out in a proper sentence?”


“Something like… I don’t know… ‘The software was successfully installed”?

“Oh, that’s quite nice. But it’s a bit long”.

“It’s too verbose?”


“Look, just pick one”.

“I’m not sure… I could use all three I suppose… One of them is bound to be right…”

“Yeah, you do that. And why don’t you put a bloody great tick next to the one you like best”.

“Oh! Good idea!”

“I give up…”


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