Aug 242008

With the Pocketrak 2G, Yamaha succeeded in making a solid-state audio recorder that was so compact and light that it could be carried around habitually by the keen sound-recordist much as a keen photographer might never leave the house without a compact camera. Better recordings can be obtained with larger, heavier devices, but there is much to be said about always being ready to record into a device that is smaller than most mobile telephones.

Yamaha has now announced the Pocketrak CX. Reviews have yet to appear, but judging by the specifications, we should expect better sound fidelity at the expense of increased size. The design is reminiscent of the LS-10 by Olympus, as are the dimensions: the unit is a little chunkier than the 2G and so it’s quite possible that the 2G will remain in production for those who value its small size. The LS-10 can record uncompressed audio at 96 kHz, which the CX cannot: that won’t be a practical issue for many users, but comparisons are invited by the design, and it’s surprising that this sample rate was not matched.

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