Oct 312008

Workers at the Apple Store in Birmingham were surprised today (30th November) to find that Microsoft had set up an edifice outside. Giant, unflattering photographs of unattractive people were on display, each marked with the legend “I’m a PC” and “world without limits” or some other hogwash ripped off from The Matrix (an old film you might remember).

It’s quite astounding how Microsoft and their advertising agency have allowed Apple to choose the battleground and the rules. There has never been a sadder indicator of a software giant with identity crisis and no direction, panicking. Unless you count the fact that the invitations to the public to record their own “I’m a PC” videos appeared to have absolutely no takers.

As for the Apple Store, well, the employees were the very model of tactful evasion, but it was clear they were not shaking in their boots from the publicity onslaught.

This weblog will continue to take the piss out of Apple’s excesses, but really, when you get these little reminders of the computing world beyond… you get a reminder of why some people get a little over-affectionate towards their choice of a mere operating system.

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