Mar 052009

eddie.jpgKeen users of Apple Logic’s EXS24 sampler have many reasons to love Redmatica for their suite of assistive sampling applications and hopefully the long heralded upgrades to the line will appear soon. However, it’s quite a tease to depict the upgraded software ahead of time, and now, to add to our distress, they have put pictures and videos of Jordan Rudess’s beard on their site. Now the man behind the beard is probably a Very Nice Man and is undoubtedly a talented keyboardist and demonstrator of all kinds of music technology. But that face fuzz… it reminds one of… it looks like… No, well, look, let’s be as kind as possible and say that Andreas Dorau and his friends somehow did that sort of thing rather more stylishly, and not just once.

Baldness is no crime either, but contrasting use of bouffant wigs can imbue pointy beards with a whole new mysterious dimension.

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