Mar 062009

Contrary to what some of us feared, it seems that in fact the OmniWeb Web browser should easily make it to version 6.0 (and hopefully beyond!).

So if you are interested in a browser for Mac OS X that offers site-specific preferences, tabbed browsing with useful previews, convenient saving of sites as PDFs, user-definable shortcuts for sites and versatile handling of cookies and which doesn’t feel alien to the Mac environment (hello Firefox!), you definitely give it a try.

Of course, the browser has some flaws, one of the worst being the shortcut “Cmd-R” in the Download Manager. Is that “R” for “Reveal the downloaded file” as one might think (since that would be in harmony with the use of Cmd-R in other Mac applications)? No, that’s “R” for “Repeat the download right from the start, but first immediately erase the already downloaded file”. Argh! You learn to stumble over Cmd-R, in the same way that, thanks to the abundance of illiterate morons on the internet, you learn to do a double-take every time you see the words “your” and “you’re”.

But despite that and a few other niggles – which are in any case due to be addressed in the forthcoming version 6 – this remains the best Web browser for the Mac.

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