Mar 272009

Facebook could be monitored by the government” says a report in The Telegraph. You might be surprised that that is not already being done, but remember:

The proposal follows plans to retain information about all telephone calls, emails, and internet visits made by everyone in Britain through a multi-billion pound system.

So it’s a budgeting issue. Still, the regime (we can hardly grace it with the term “government” any more) thinks it has money to burn so is probably quite happy to burn more.

Perhaps these schemes should be run on a trial basis first? We could start by monitoring our unelected Prime Minister for a start, bearing in mind the damage he has wreaked during (and before) his time in office, and the deranged excesses of his predecessor.

If you take a prescription for medication to a pharmacy (chemist’s, drug store… whatever you want to call it) in the UK, you might well see a sign telling you that the really dangerous stuff can’t be taken away without extra identity checks – and that this is in response to the “Shipman case”. Harold Shipman was the British G.P. (General Practitioner) who murdered 218 (or more, it is suspected) people. So concluding that increased ID checking of people collecting prescriptions, rather than doctors, is surely missing – or perhaps avoiding – the point.

The former (elected – by people who, it is to be hoped, have learned their lesson) prime minister pushed the UK into a war in Iraq that helped inflame terrorist sentiments and provoke attacks. Without a general election being called, his party’s work is being continued by an anointed successor. It follows that these, and the rest of the creepy New Labour control freaks, should be monitored first. They pose an inestimably larger threat to democracy and freedom than any terrorist and have already done enough damage.

At a time of economic crisis in the UK, it might be considered financially prudent to have a trial run of monitoring schemes. The public might be urged to be less reticent in calling its paid servants, the Members of Parliament, to account and suggest where and how cameras might be applied or inserted to keep an eye on those who do the most damage to liberty, instigate illegal wars and seek to safeguard their position and fortune by spending other people’s money to enslave them and their progeny in perpetuity.

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