Jul 232009

logic9.jpgApple has at long last announced a new version of its music workstation software: Logic 9 (as before, you can choose between the Logic Studio and Logic Express packages). Shipping time for UK customers is declared as “4 – 6 weeks”.

There was a time when a whole-number release indicated a complete rewrite of a program. Perhaps the test of that will be whether Logic after all these years finally allows the use of long file names.

Those who have requested better multichannel sound support will be disappointed that Apple has ignored their requests. Logic 9 still offers nothing above 7.1 support, so users who need eight channel support (admittedly a small minority) will need to stick to rival products such as Nuendo.

We are told that “now you can quickly perform complex edits, like correcting timing errors and bending time, that took dozens of steps before.” Let’s hope that Arrange page navigation as a whole has been made less fiddly to use.

Logic 9 is likely to be an irresistible upgrade for most Logic 8 users, who will have been reassured of Apple’s commitment to Logic and know that the long-awaited upgrade can be theirs within a month and a half.

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