Feb 242010

Earthrid is named after a character in David Lindsay’s work of fantastic fiction, A Voyage to Arcturus, which was first published in 1920. Our namesake was a musician whose music was of such intensity that it was nearly always lethal: hopefully our releases are a little safer (although our “reckless” debut release in particular seemed injurious to some!). You can read more about this very unusual novel at the bottom of our FAQ page.

So with that in mind you might appreciate that it was interesting to read (on the comprehensive guide to Lindsay’s work, The Violet Apple) that David Kanaga has just released a collection of MP3s called Scenes from Arcturus. You can download all four tracks from his Small Musics site and would be wise to do so: the music is agreeable yet subtly inventive. While you’re there you might enjoy some of his other recordings, which are very diverse in style.

Nightspore-on-Tormance.jpgThe good news continues as Resonance Bookworks continues to republish (via the print-on-demand service Lulu.com) more novels by David Lindsay which have been out of print for many years, along with an edition of the far less rare Voyage to Arcturus under its originally drafted title, Nightspore on Tormance.

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