Jun 132010

Earthrid-011-cover-250.jpgWe are delighted to announce the release of One Million Corners, the debut by Spill Twins. A lot of the tracks were written with an audience of abandoned robots in mind. It gets stranger from there… Imagine electronic music which is by turns wistful and chirpy… or better still, just download the album now and give it a try!

One Million Corners is available as a free download and as a cheap, but lovingly packaged, CD.

Elliot Smith, the man behind Spill Twins, works as a software developer, specialising in open source applications. His one-man music project reflects this perspective and, although software is used to produce the music, Elliot tries to spend zero money on software and sounds, since he finds that the constraints enforced by a limited set of software helps him to focus on the music.

One Million Corners presents some of the best tracks recorded over the first decade and a half of the project. Elliot says “I try to make moving music. I start tracks from rhythms, and sometimes with a scenario in mind: very often it involves sad robots on forgotten space stations. That’s who I imagine is listening!”.

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