Dec 292014

News has reached Earthrid late about this, but it appears that from 1st January European VAT laws will make things a lot more complicated for musicians and labels in the UK that sell music in the form of digital downloads, regardless of how little they sell. Some of the key facts are in a petition at and you can read more at, at and in the mainstream press (which seemed to have latched on to it about a month ago but didn’t yell loud enough for us to hear above all the other noise).

Whilst this is all very bad news for independent music in the UK (please do sign the petition, if only out of principle at this late stage), the changes won’t affect Earthrid much since our downloads are free anyway. We have removed the option of donating from our pages to be sure we don’t fall foul of the new rules, but almost nobody gave anything anyway, in part because Earthrid has been a mostly dormant art project and certainly not a business! On that note: yes, new releases really will be coming to you from Earthrid soon.

Update, 30th Dec. 2015: users of Bandcamp will be pleased to read their latest announcement.

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