End of the Earthrid email newsletter

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May 212018

Unfortunately the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) places extra administrative burdens on even non-profit, occasional newsletters so we have closed the Earthrid newsletter.

If you’re still interested in hearing about new releases from Earthrid, you can follow on Twitter, on Ello.co, and by RSS.

It appears that any emails sent about new Earthrid releases by Bandcamp will carry on as before, so if you have downloaded Earthrid releases from their site you will presumably continue to receive those emails unless you have instructed Bandcamp otherwise.

New site

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Nov 052011

Earthrid.com no longer redirects to earthrid.wordpress.com, but is back on a self-contained site (which is how it started off in 2001).

If you have any links or bookmarks which point to earthrid.wordpress.com, please update them.

Email newsletter

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Oct 152009

We didn’t flag it on the revamped site for Earthrid till today, so we had better mention that we have an email newsletter which is sent out when we have new releases or other major news. To join it, just send us a “subscribe” instruction via the form on the Contact page and we’ll make sure you keep informed.

Of course, for all the latest news, we offer two RSS feeds: see the box at the top right of the page.

Analogue Cheese Flavour

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Aug 232009


The San Marco brand bills its margherita pizza as a “deep pan pizza base topped with tomato sauce, analogue cheese flavour and mozzarella cheese”. So, does “analogue cheese” contain highly resonant filters that might make pizza-loving synthesiser owners “phat”?

“Analogue cheese” is in fact listed as being “water, vegetable oil, milk proteins, starch, salt, emulsifying salts (sodium citrates and sodium phosphates), colour (beta carotene)”.


Responsible politics

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Apr 172009

The UK’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown:-

“I take full responsibility for what happened. That’s why the person who was responsible went immediately.”

(Source: everywhere).

So he takes responsibility, but he wasn’t responsible.

Do you see?

If you did see, straight away, you have a career in politics ahead of you. Otherwise, you pass.

Money isn’t everything

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Apr 132009

From the header of a weblog about marketing on the Web:



Other than that, apparently you have to use Twitter. For er, viral er interactive um… yeah.

Business as usual

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Apr 022009

The BBC reports one Dr Nina Federoff, “science and technology advisor to the US secretary of state since 2007” (another example of the Obama presidency keeping advisors from the previous administration) as saying that “There are probably already too many people on the planet”.

There’s no “probably” about it. However, Federoff carved out a career in biotechnology and is not so delicate about advocating the dream that GM crops will save the day, going so far as to say that opposition to widespread growing of genetically modified crops indicates that “we want to go back to the 19th Century”.

Funnily enough, Federoff would have as all believe that, by submitting the world to GM experiments, we would be going back to prehistory. Her article ‘Prehistoric GM Corn’ in Science magazine (14th Nov. 2003) followed the traditional GM industry ploy of presenting the technology as spectacularly new whilst somehow also being nothing new at all – whilst confounding terms to serve the mission.