60×60 Dance

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Oct 142011

On the 2nd of this month Vox Novus staged 60×60 Dance in St Louis, Missouri, USA. Thanks to them for including ‘Breakthrough’ by Carya Amara and to choreographer Rachel Brady.

More about the event can be found at the Vox Novus site.

Carya Amara in 60×60 International Mix

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May 092011

‘Breakthrough’, a new track by Carya Amara has been selected for inclusion in the Vox Novus 60×60 International Mix for 2011. The organisers write:-

On May 21st the 60×60 International mix will debut in New York with a 60×60 Dance performance at Dance Parade; there will also be a follow up performance at the Galapagos Art Space in July 29th. The 60×60 International mix will also be presented in another 60×60 Dance performance in St Louis on October 2nd. I hope to plan many more performances as well.

Events will no doubt be listed on the Vox Novus site.