Here are some tips on how to order and on CD care. For answers to other questions, please see the FAQ or contact us.

How to order

Although most of our releases are available as downloads, some are available on CD. You can order these using Paypal. Paypal handles the transaction securely and independently (we are not sent your card details).


Prices are shown in British pounds sterling. You can check the prices in other currencies using the links provided.

CD care

CDs should always be handled with care. Keep CDs in their cases when they’re not being played, and keep the disk free of fingerprints and scratches. Please note that CDRs (and their cases) should be kept out of direct sunlight.


The album Vestigial Digital comes on a factory-produced compact disc (CD). All our other CD releases are made by us using CDRs (recordable CDs). We always record at low speed onto high quality media, to provide the best possible audio quality. CDRs (and their cases) should be kept out of direct sunlight.

Note that any releases marked as being "mini-CDRs" are miniature CDRs (8 cm in diameter) that have been designed to be played in domestic CD players that have a loading tray (most of them have). They should not be used with "slot-loading" CD players, such as those found in car CD players and some computer systems. This note does not apply to our standard CDRs.