Abominations of Yondo –
That Remote and Awful Twilight


That Remote and Awful TwilightThis, the second album by Abominations of Yondo, has among its influences the penultimate chapter of ‘The Time Machine‘ by H.G. Wells. However, the listener is of course free to associate other scenarios, memories or febrile imaginings with the assembled sounds.

The moment of ‘Escape Velocity’ owes a stylistic debt to the work of the master synthesist and producer Isao Tomita, to whom the track is dedicated. The album as a whole is dedicated to all people who feel obliged to space-time.

Abominations of Yondo is Cousin Silas and Kevin Busby. Their other collaborative albums are Abominations of Yondo and Clandestine

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“If you like spooky ambient atmospherics and strange soundscapes, you’re going to want to give this a listen… I’ve been fascinated by this for a day or so, now. You can almost imagine it as the best possible soundtrack to the best possible adaptation of The Time Machine, but it does definitely go its own way, and it’s frequently just lovely.” – Warren Ellis

“Ace! A belter” – Headphonaut

“An outstanding release” – Nightscaping, Stillstream Radio

Track listing

  1. Heliopause
  2. Escape Velocity
  3. Interstitial Lullaby
  4. Schooners beneath Two Moons
  5. That Remote and Awful Twilight: Into Futurity
  6. That Remote and Awful Twilight: Abominable Desolation
  7. That Remote and Awful Twilight: The Peculiar Sensations of Time Travelling

Artwork (for the CD edition only)

Earthrid-014 cover art
Earthrid-014 CD
Earthrid-014 cover art

Also available by Abominations of Yondo on Earthrid