norah lorway – i’ve had dreams like this


This exceptional debut album by Norah Lorway is a unique blend of ambience and glitch, released on CD (now sold out) and as a free download.

cover artNorah says:-

“Most of the sounds you will hear on this album were synthesised using the music programming language SuperCollider, with some custom-made performance interfaces created in Max/MSP. The music was informed by many genres, including ambient, drone, algorithmic and glitch but it is not constrained to just these. The music is a hybrid of many traditions and I hope it will speak for itself”.

Norah Lorway is a Canadian composer, laptop musician and academic researcher. Her musical interests include multichannel and stereo electroacoustic composition, acoustic ecology, live coding, laptop performance and software development, networked music performance, riot grrrl, and minimalism. In addition to her solo laptop performances of ambient and live-coded music, she has frequently performed in collaboration with laptop ensembles which she co-founded. For more about Norah’s music and research, visit

Available as a free download

(CD-R, 54 minutes, now sold out). Download for free from, in your choice of format.

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“Seriously spooky” – Warren Ellis (via Twitter)

“A journey of textures and disintegrating train grains”
I Want to Put Something in Your Ear

“A wonderful album” – Shaun Blezard (via Twitter)

“Does not sound like it was made with Supercollider”
recommended by Severed Heads on

“Superb” – Brumcast (via Twitter)

“Incredible” – Wizards Tell Lies

Track listing

  1. plunk
  2. fiddle music
  3. i’ve had dreams like this
  4. swarm
  5. there it goes
  6. alone together
  7. crackly sky

Artwork (for the CD edition only)

cover art - pages 1 - 4

cover art - tray