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Future World

Norah Lorway – Future World

Future World is Norah Lorway’s third album and the second for the Earthrid label. The album was originally released on 10th November 2015 but Norah decided she wanted to tweak the title track to make it even better, so we are pleased now to bring you this revised version.

Future World is a result of numerous aspects of Norah’s flourishing work in composition, research and live performance and illustrates the transformation of both sound and musical styles resulting from her adept use of music programming languages.

The atmospheres and rhythms here will mean different things to different listeners, so all that Norah modestly says about this release is that it is “more music from code”. So we leave the final word with Eleanor Roosevelt. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.

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Available as a download

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Reviews and feedback

“The future does clearly have still sound, one that is immersive like a train that steadily purrs, like a wise cat as it slides onto the rails of a foggy world of drone… The future might be different than expected, but it’s one that when you see it is one of pretty peacefulness and kind survival. ” – YIKIS music review site.

“Mesmeric” – Listener review via Twitter.

“Just great” – Listener review via Twitter.

Track list

  1. Collider
  2. Clorox
  3. Future World
  4. Deep Calm
  5. Farvel

Release Dates

Catalogue reference for original version: earthrid-018. For new version: earthrid-018a.

earthrid-018 released on 10th November 2015 as a download in a variety of formats from Bandcamp. Withdrawn in December 2015 so Norah could improve one track.

The slightly tweaked replacement edition earthrid-018a was released on 23rd December 2015 as a download in a variety of formats from Bandcamp.

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