Evematic – Bisonogram


Evematic was a solo project by Eve Thacker, who sadly passed away in January 2013.

Eve’s solo release on Earthrid, Bisonogram, was recorded according to her typical methods, which used a unique combination of exotic analogue and bargain-basement digital audio units, wired together in her home studio. The results are not to be missed for anyone with an ear for unique electronic music that is by turns joyful and suspenseful. This album was originally released by Earthrid on CD in 2004 and is now made available again as a free download.

In memory of Eve Thacker (1946 – 2013).

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Download for free from Bandcamp.com, in your choice of format.

(The CD edition has been discontinued).

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“Showing off her experience and knowledge of the genre, Thacker creates texture-beds within texture-beds of intriguing, unique sounds.” – Splendid e-zine

“Neither ambient nor electroacoustic, Evematic’s purely electronic music lies between the two and provides moments of lo-fi musical terrors versus more refined ‘mood’ moments, yet this is almost a soundtrack to a not yet conceptualised movie than a typical album; if they did make the movie of Bisonogram it would be directed by David Lynch, star Max Schrek (the vampire in Nosferatu) and make the Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Corbucci look like a saddle-up cowboy movie starring Ronald Reagan” – Hypnotique

Track listing

  1. Native American Construct
  2. On The Cow-Pat Line
  3. Buffalo Window
  4. Burnishing Desire
  5. Any Witch Way
  6. Tea Pee
  7. Past Tents
  8. Bisonogram