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Cousin Silas – Adrift off the Islets of Langerhans

Majestic mood music.

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The CDR is no longer available.

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“Simply sumptuous. Adrift is a gorgeous hour-long work of what can best be described as classic ambient” – Disruptive Platypus

“This is a quiet, magical album” – Lucid Culture

Adrift off the Islets of Langerhans was my introduction to Cousin Silas and remains a firm favourite that I often go back to.” – John Ager

Track listing

  1. Depths
  2. The Darkness on Binn Road
  3. The Beauty of Loathing
  4. The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral
  5. The Lower Field on Ebbetts Farm
  6. Upstream
  7. Empty Coastline
  8. Tarnscape
  9. The Loathing of Beauty
  10. Adrift off the Islets of Langerhans