Music on Earthrid


Here’s our catalogue of electronic music released by Earthrid. Most releases are available for free download. Some are also available on CD, while stocks last.

Carya Amara – Vague Wars

Vague WarsIndeterminate music for vague wars.
Released 19th Apr. 2018.
Available as a download.

Carya Amara – Another Chance to See

Another Chance to SeeWe go deep into night, even while remaining static.
Released 20th Mar. 2018.
Available as a download.

Carya Amara – From Ground to Sky

From Earth to SkyLive, 2013.
Released 10th Nov. 2017.
Available as a download.

Carya Amara – Echoes

EchoesA selection of tracks previously available on compilations and elsewhere.
Released 15th Oct. 2017.
Available as a download.

Norah Lorway – Future World

Future WorldMore music from code.
Released 10th Nov. 2015. Revised version 23rd Dec. 2015.
Available as a download.

Carya Amara – Sensitivity

SensitivityThe Buchla modular synthesiser, transformed.
Released 5th January 2015.
Available on CD and as download.

norah lorway – i’ve had dreams like this

Earthrid-016Unique vistas of glitch and ambience.
Released 6th March 2013.
Free download (CD sold out 5th Feb. 2015).

Abominations of Yondo – Clandestine

Earthrid-015The duo’s third set of explorations of mysterious realms.
Released 13th August 2012.
Available on CD / free download.

Carya Amara – The Late Carya Amara

Earthrid-013Chilly sounds for the British summer. Carya Amara is late…
Released 15th July 2011.
Available on CD / free download.

Cousin Silas – Adrift off the Islets of Langerhans

Majestic mood music from Yorkshire’s master of ambience.
Released 13th September 2010. Available as free MP3.
(Limited edition CD no longer available).

Spill Twins – One Million Corners

Consoling music for computer consoles.
Released 13th June 2010.
Available on CD and free MP3.

Cousin Silas – The Melting Static

Spectral emanations from the first Phantom Circuit session.
Released 16th October 2009. Available as free MP3s.
(Limited edition mini-CD no longer available).

Abominations of Yondo – Abominations of Yondo

AY01CR-33.jpgMusic inspired by the writings of Clark Ashton Smith.
Released 29th October 2007.
Available on CD and free MP3.

Cousin Silas – Necropolis Line

CS01CR-33.jpgMysterious excursions.
Released 31st March 2006.
Available on CD / free download.

Rhythmicon – Feedback Machine

RC01MR-tiny.jpgSax, theremin, synths and feedback.
Available on mini-CD / free download.
CD released 15th May 2005 (download available from 5th Nov. 2015).

Zog Welinski’s Day Off – The First Day Off

ZW01CR-tiny.jpgKinetic electronic music.
Released 16th August 2004.
No longer available.

Evematic – Bisonogram

EM01-tiny.jpgRuminative electronic music.
Available as a free download from 17th April 2013.
Originally available on CDR 4th May 2004 – 3rd May 2007.

Audio Space Research – Signals through the Static

AS01CR-tiny.jpgImprovised electronic music.
Available on CD / free download
CD released 30th Aug. 2003 (download available from 16th June 2013).

Carya Amara – Tales of the Unattractive

CA03CR-33.jpgElectronic experiments, 1980 – 1991.
Available as a free download (from 7th June 2013).
CD released 27th Aug. 2002 (sold out 18th Feb. 2013).

Carya Amara – Extinction Frequency

CA02CR-33.jpgRhythmic electronics, 1992 – 1996.
Available on CD / free download.
CD released 14th May 2002 (download available from 3rd June 2013)

Carya Amara – Vestigial Digital

CA01CD-33.jpgVisceral electroacoustics.
Available on CD / free download.
CD released 26th Sept. 2001 (download available from 19th May 2013)