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Music on Earthrid

Releases come, releases sometimes go. Here is the catalogue of currently available releases from Earthrid. CDs are discontinued other than for Vestigial Digital. Pricing details for that CD will be posted here soon.

We have no plans for further CD releases since hand-crafting rarities for collectors was never the point and the wider audience overwhelmingly went for downloads instead.

Downloads are either Free or Pay What You Want (PWYW)

Downloads are marked as free (no payment accepted) or else PWYW ("Pay What You Want", including nothing). PWYW releases mean that you get to choose how much the music is worth to you, or you can just download for free (but could you perhaps recommend the release to others if you like it?)

If you do wish to pay when downloading from Bandcamp, thank you for your support. Either way, enjoy the music.

Cover Artist Album Description
cover Kai Nobuko Ober Attached Float away into a cloudless sky, with Kai's OB•12 synthesiser as your magic carpet.
cover Toxic Chicken Hypnotist Feel your eyes getting sleepy and your ears getting wider... No more problems for you...
cover Covolux Dream Mediations Orchestral drone ambient inspired by Sumi-e paintings, imagination and delirious real-life dreams.
cover Covolux 999 Saying goodbyes to the past and embracing a newer now.
cover Covolux Bloom Sunlight and shadow in the backyard.
cover Carya Amara Vague Wars Indeterminate music for vague wars.
cover Carya Amara Another Chance to See We go deep into night...
cover Carya Amara From Ground to Sky Live EP
cover Carya Amara Echoes Music from elsewhere.
cover Carya Amara Sensitivity The Buchla modular synthesiser transformed.
cover Abominations of Yondo Clandestine The duo’s third excursion into mysterious realms.
cover Abominations of Yondo That Remote and Awful Twilight Cosmic dread and splendour.
cover Carya Amara The Late Carya Amara Carya Amara is late.
cover Cousin Silas Adrift off the Islets of Langerhans Majestic mood music.
cover Spill Twins One Million Corners Consoling music for computer consoles.
cover Cousin Silas The Melting Static Spectral emanations from a Phantom Circuit session.
cover Abominations of Yondo Abominations of Yondo Music inspired by the writings of Clark Ashton Smith.
cover Cousin Silas Necropolis Line Mysterious excursions.
cover Rhythmicon Feedback Machine Sax, theremin, synths and feedback.
cover Evematic Bisonogram Ruminative electronic music.
cover Audio Space Research Signals through the Static Improvised electronic music.
cover Carya Amara Tales of the Unattractive Electronic experiments, 1980 – 1991.
cover Carya Amara Extinction Frequency Rhythmic electronics, 1992 – 1996.
cover Carya Amara Vestigial Digital Visceral electroacoustics.
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