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Toxic Chicken – Hypnotist


"Are you feeling a little under the weather? Confused? Derranged? Mentally berserk? Do not worry, the hypnotist is here to help. The preferred treatment might be highly experimental, but it will be executed in such a way that you will be fixed forever. So please take a comfortable seat, lay down, settle in and follow the moving clock. Feel your eyes getting sleepy and your ears getting wider... No more problems for you as this doctor will sort your brain out like a pro! Big thanks to Earthrid!"

Get Hypnotist

Hypnotist is available as a download from Bandcamp.


“Absolutely blew me away... Really, really, really, really good.” - Kate Bosworth, Dark Train radio show.

“A very accessible experimental album – perfect for new ears to this type of freeform experimental electronic sound.” - Eternity Tree review site.

Track listing

  1. Introduction
  2. The Hypnotist
  3. Will Fix You
  4. Look at the Moving Clock
  5. Fixing You with Love
  6. You Are Getting Sleepy
  7. Time to Fuck You Up
  8. Removing Tears
  9. Reprogramming Your Brain

Total playing time: 33 minutes.

Release Dates

This album was released on Tuesday, 9 February 2021 as a download in a variety of formats from Bandcamp.


All music and artwork by Toxic Chicken.

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