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Cousin Silas – The Melting Static


The Phantom Circuit session

Following the release of Cousin Silas’s album Necropolis Line and his collaborative CD as half of Abominations of Yondo, Earthrid is pleased to bring you this EP of evocative electronic music, which was originally broadcast by radio show Phantom Circuit.

Get The Melting Static

(The limited edition mini-CDR is no longer available).


"I have only one word for this release and that is ‘mesmerising’! This is a set of beautiful & engaging ambience… I was captivated… like a sailor drawn to the sirens. Please check it out." – Headphonaught's Nanoblog

Track listing

  1. The Melting Static
  2. Engineering Reversed
  3. Testing the Blood
  4. Lizard Point
  5. The Phantom Circuit Part 1

Total playing time: 19 minutes.

Release Dates

This EP was released on 16th October 2009 on mini-CDR (no longer available from 28th July 2018).

Also released on 16th October 2009 as an MP3 download from

Released in November 2015 as a download from Bandcamp in a variety of formats.

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