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Carya Amara – Sensitivity

SensitivitySensitivity features sounds from just one modular synthesiser, arranged and transformed into music that goes beyond its constraints while still evoking its unique sonic character.

Modular synthesis can be heard in some of Carya Amara’s previous music from the 1980s onwards, but the chance to work with a Buchla system is a rare opportunity.

From the album notes

All the sounds on this album were derived from my experiments with the Buchla modular synthesiser of EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm, Sweden in June 2014. The finished music features both raw analogue and digitally transformed sounds. Many thanks to EMS for welcoming me as a guest composer in their studios and I hope that the inspiration I felt there can be heard in the resulting music. – Kevin Busby / Carya Amara

Get Sensitivity

Sensitivity is available as a download from Bandcamp.

Reviews and feedback

“A mesmerising journey of trance-inducing proportions” – Yeah I Know It Sucks review site
“Some works just stand out instantly above the rest and it's hard to articulate exactly why. This one takes me on a cold, cerebral high, very subtle, very strange.” – Listener review on Bandcamp
“I Buchla you’ll have a good time” – Tom Ellard, Severed Heads
“Some fantastic bleeps, wobbles and sweeps on this one” – Listener review on Bandcamp
“Mind-blowing” – Listener review on Twitter
“Great synth album” – Listener review on Twitter
“Superb modular manipulations” – Listener review on Twitter.
“Well-ordered and balanced aggregates” – Percorsi Musicali blog
“Quite breathtaking electronic oddness of the highest order” – Listener review on Bandcamp

Track listing

  1. Datapaket
  2. Sparvar
  3. Monitor
  4. Sensitivity
  1. Här Bygger Vi
  2. Fenrir
  3. Sequence Stockholm
  4. My Opinion

Artwork for the CD edition (no longer available)

Sensitivity booklet pages 1 and 4
Sensitivity booklet pages 2 and 3
Sensitivity CD case rearThe Late Carya Amara CD

Release Dates

Released on 5th January 2015 on CDR (CDR no longer available from 28th July 2018).

Also released on 5th January 2015 as a download in a variety of formats from Bandcamp.

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