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Toxic Chicken – Cool Bunny

Toxic Chicken is Dutch musician and producer Kai Nobuko, who has released many albums under both those names and as Covolux. Fans of his work will surely agree, however, that the joyful sound of Cool Bunny definitely belongs under the Toxic Chicken banner. These bunnies are cool with being cool and are happy to jump about the room with complete abandon. Perhaps you will as well? If not, you can just sit it out and enjoy the show. That's cool too.

Music and images specific to this release are by Kai Nobuko ©️ 2022. All rights reserved. Non-commercial radio broadcasting/streaming of this music is gratefully received, with no fee required.

Available as a download

Download from Bandcamp

Track listing

  1. Laidback Bunny
  2. Cool Bunny
  3. Good Times Bunny
  4. Go Bunny Go
  5. Non-Binary Bunny
  6. Kevin Bugs Busby Bunny
  7. Cool Bunny (Deep Dive)

Release Dates

Released on Saturday, 8 January 2022 as a download in a variety of formats from Bandcamp.

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